Enrollment 2017/18

Enrollment to the programme for 2017/18 will be published after February 1st 2017. All interested in the study are advised to subscribe the news about the enrollment. Additional questions will be answered at

Job offer for research assistant at Free University Berlin

From January 2017, 65%, temporally restricted till May, 31st 2018 with an option for 2 more years in case of grant approval. The future job occupant should possess a Master’s degree.

Lectures of Prof Andersen

Next week (May 16th - 20th), Institute for Biostatistic and Medical Informatics is hosting  prof. Per Kragh Andersen from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.  During his visit, he shall give 3 lectures. Welcome!

Days for prospective students

All of you interested in studying Applied Statistics are invited any of the following days for prospective students:

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Wednesday, 18. 5. 2016 -12: 30 - 15:00 in the lobby, at 14:30 in the Multimedia Hall, Tržaška cesta 25, Ljubljana
  • Faculty of Social Sciences on Wednesday, 18. 5. 2016 at 16:00 (all programmes together, later separately for each programme), Kardeljeva ploščad 5, Ljubljana
  • Biotechnical Faculty: Wednesday, 1. 6. 2016 at 14:00, Department of Agronomy, A5, Jamnikarjeva 101, Ljubljana
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics:
    •    Wednesday, 06.08.2016, at 15 pm in the lecture hall 2:02 on the Jadranska 21, Ljubljana
    •    Wednesday, 15. 6. 2016, at 15 pm in the lecture hall 2:02 on the Jadranska 21, Ljubljana
  • Faculty of Economics: Thursday, 16.6.2016. All programmes will be presented at 17:00, the presentation of separate programmes from 17:45 onwards, Kardeljeva ploščad 17, Ljubljana

ASA Releases Statement on P-values and Statistical Significance

The ASA “Statement on Statistical Significance and P-Values” includes six principles underlying the proper use and interpretation of the p-value and is intended to improve the conduct and interpretation of quantitative science and inform the growing emphasis on reproducibility of science research.


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e-mail: info.stat (at)

Contact for administrative questions (enrolment, technical questions):
Katarina Erjavec Drešar
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana.
room num.: AN012C-ŠTU
phone: 01 4768 209
e-mail: katarina.erjavec-dresar (at)


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