Course: Introduction to Official Statistics

Course type: compulsory
Lecturer: Mojca Bavdaž, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Study programme and level Study field Academic year Semester
Applied statistics, second level Official Statistics 1st 2nd

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  • Enrolment into the first year of the programme is required to participate in the course.
  • Positively graded assignment is a prerequisite for the written exam.

Content (Syllabus outline):
Institutions and organisation of statistical systems:

  • European statistical system.
  • Official statistics in Slovenia.
  • International institutions.

Principles of official statistics:

  • Fundamental principles of official statistics.
  • Code of practice of European statistics.
  • Specifics of other countries.

Measurement in official statistics:

  • Domains of official statistics, concepts, definitions and statistical standards.
  • Statistical units.
  • Classifications.
  • Quality in official statistics.

Processes of statistical production.
Other relevant issues in official statistics.   

objectives and competences:
Course objective is to introduce students to institutional, legal and organisational aspects of official statistics in Slovenia, Europe and elsewhere; and to methodological bases of measurement in official statistics.

  • Understanding the functioning of official statistics.
  • Search, evaluation and use of metadata and ability to judge the quality of data on this basis.
  • Use of adequate statistical standards in research.

Intended learning outcomes:
Students will become familiar with institutional, legal and organisational bases, and principles of functioning of official statistics. They will understand the fundamentals of measurement in official statistics.
They will be able to judge implications of these bases for the functioning of official statistics and quality of data in official statistics, especially with regard to limitations that arise from measurement and processes of statistical production.



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e-mail: info.stat (at)

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Barbara Baraga
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana.
room num.: AN012C-ŠTU
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