Course: Statistical Quality Control

Course type: elective
Lecturer: Irena Ograjenšek, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Study programme and level Study field Academic year Semester
Applied statistics, second level All modules 1st or 2nd 1st or 2nd

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  • Enrolment into the relevant academic year.
  • Positively graded seminar paper is a prerequisite for written exam.

Content (Syllabus outline):
Statistical quality control and business sciences: a historical perspective.
Modern quality management approaches:

  • system
  • model
  • qualitative
  • quantitative

Levels of analysis in statistical quality control:

  • process
  • products and services
  • workplace
  • department
  • company

Data sources for statistical quality control.
Sampling for statistical quality control.
Tools and methods of statistical quality control:

  • basic typologies
  • selection and practical application of qualitative tools and methods
  • selection and practical application of quantitative tools and methods
  • statistical quality control in real time

Statistical quality control and statistical consulting.
Other relevant topics.

Objectives and competences:
The goal of the course is to introduce students to statistical quality control (SQC) emphasizing those aspects which are relevant for SQC's practical implementation.

Intended learning outcomes:
In-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of SQC.
Understanding of the link between SQC and business analysis / business planning.
Skills acquisition:

  • secondary data search, evaluation and use in SQC processes;
  • primary data collection, evaluation and use in SQC processes;
  • use of statistical software packages in quality management processes;
  • data/results of analysis visualization and dissemination in quality management processes.



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