European Statistics Awards Programme (organised by Eurostat)

Eurostat is pleased to announce the Web Intelligence Competition - Classification of occupations for online job advertisements challenge (WI Classification Challenge) - within the European Statistics Awards Program starting in June 2024.  The competition aims at stimulating innovation in the area of Web Intelligence for European statistics.  The Classification Challenge focuses on the development of approaches that learn how to assign a class label (from a known taxonomy) to job advertisement from a given job ads dataset.

Do you know how to code in Python or R? Register by the 15th of July 2024 and try your chances on your own or with a team of peers. You can win up to €10 000 for the Accuracy award, €10 000 for the Reusability award and €5 000 for Innovativity award. Striking first place in all three categories, your team could win up to €25 000.  


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