Course: Computer Support of Statistics

Course type: compulsory
Lecturer: Andrej Blejec, Ph.D, Full Professor

Study programme and level Study type Academic year Semester
Applied statistics, second level All modules 1st 1st

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Content (Syllabus outline):
Introduction to R

  • Data structures and objects
  • R packages
  • Use and design of functions, control structures
  • Elements of statistical graphics
  • Functions for statistical tests and models
  • Design of R packages

Data visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis
Stochastic simulation, randomization and permutation tests
Repeated research

  • Reporting with LaTeX: elements and use
  • Sweave – connecting R and LaTeX to make reproducible computer supported statistical reports and presentations

Objectives and competences:
Statistical analysts need to be comfortable with state-of-the art computer tools which enable preparation of reproducible reports. Students will gain fundamental knowledge and skills to use statistical development platform R and combine it with LaTeX and Sweave. This will be useful in all other subjects and practical work which requires preparation of technically advanced statistical reports.

Intended learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding of statistical development platform R and document preparation system LaTeX.   


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